As a head of marketing, you will be managing multiple teams and projects. Unless there is a system in place, following up with tasks and delivering could be quite daunting, especially in startups.

This post will share the best marketing team management practices, enabling you to stay on top and be successful.

Last night my Boss asked me what Brand Authenticity is and What does it mean to you from a brand communication? Interesting question.

I have a stunning point of view on this, and my point of view is that we need to achieve relevance. I have been observing many successful brands right now, and what Pepsi or BMW or Coca-Cola, or Facebook means to all these people is different.

So for me, authenticity gets very close to relevancy because when you’re a big brand, there are so many variables in your world. There are so many things that you’re doing.

I’m Writing this post because I’m scared. I interviewed a fresher for a marketing position, and his motivation to work was to purchase the latest iPhone.

I’m super scared because freshers don’t realize that they are entering the greatest five-year window of their life. If you are 21 years old and graduating from college, this is when you need to pursue your dreams. Take Risks.

Here’s why?

You don’t have the baggage. …

Read Time: 1:10 Minutes

The most notable gripe a marketer has is that the Sales are not utilizing the full extent of the Marketer’s leads. However, sales are busy chasing their targets. They seldom have the time or the effort involved to look into the marketing leads.

So how do we address this issue? How do we make the sales job easier? That is where the inside sales team comes in. An inside sales job is to call the database cold and provide opportunities for the sales team.

Why should we marry Inside Sales & Marketing?

A marketer can provide…

Many marketers are always looking for new prospects to capture more leads and generate more revenue. They seldom plan to mine the existing customers.

This is where ascension marketing comes into play. Ascension means the action of rising to an important position or a higher level.

So how do we raise our existing customers to a higher level, which can help you mine more money revenue out of them?

This post talks about quick tips one could use to mine more revenue out of existing customers, i.e., Ascension Marketing.

Today in this post, we’re talking about the №1 factor pulling you away from achieving your Dreams.

So many people were asking me, like how do we live our Dream.

People I meet usually say, “ I don’t have time for my dream.”

  • I have mortgages and bills to pay and responsibilities in my job.
  • I don’t have time for my gaming with my twitch channel or for my Instagram account

All the Unnecessary items you buy and invest in is pushing you away from your dreams:

This post describes how to get a job when you get laid off.

Before we start applying for a job, we need to understand how companies hire talent.

As a person who is looking for a job, we…

When you start a business, many entrepreneurs would ask a marketer to start with a Lead generation.

In this Social age, branding is as essential as well, which leaves many marketers confused about what you start with?

The answer is a mix of both 30% branding 70% lead generation.

In this post, we will discuss what to focus on when you launch a new product or service into the market.

When you start a business, your website may not be that great, as perfect websites do not exist, it gets better over time. …

Many entrepreneurs have an expectation where they expect a sale has to happen on every Social post.

But this is an old mindset where individuals owners used to spend a bomb on ad platforms such as television or newspaper, and they would expect something in return.

The times have changed, Technology has removed the middlemen, and we have platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, free to market your product. Along with your open platform, the mentality of the audience has changed as well.

The audience expects to get educated. Your prospects would like to know whether:

As a digital marketer, you will be sending 1000’s emails daily.

Among those, how many are ending up in your prospect inbox, and how many are ending up in spam?

Here are five few quick tips that will ensure your success.

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