I’m Writing this post because I’m scared. I interviewed a fresher for a marketing position, and his motivation to work was to purchase the latest iPhone.

I’m super scared because freshers don’t realize that they are entering the greatest five-year window of their life. If you are 21 years old and graduating from college, this is when you need to pursue your dreams. Take Risks.

Here’s why?

You don’t have the baggage. You may have your family’s expectations, but this is when you can live with four roommates in a basement, come up with a crazy idea and change the world.

You need to understand the freedom you have!

  1. You are not married.
  2. The baby is not there.
  3. You don’t have a mortgage to pay.
  4. The universe has not sucked out all your money, dreams, and hopes yet.

Today’s freshers still got this wonderful year, yet so many of you are so hungry for short-term gains. For what? For a Fucking iPhone? You get to live your life once, and this is the time to understand what’s happening and map your behavior to your passion that will impact you for the next 40 years.

What you should do is:

  1. Travel and learn.
  2. Start that business that you’ve always dreamed of
  3. Hook up with your beasties and start the band/Clan you’ve always wanted.
  4. See the world but know this, the world isn’t what your parents told you. The world is precisely going to be what it’s going to be, with or without the way you thought it would be.

It’s harder for the 35-year-olds that are reading this post right now to go berserk.

You can’t wake up tomorrow and be like, “Let’s go,” ’cause your daughter has dancing classes. And because you got ten other things that are holding you back.

Please recognize the freedom & time you have and start working towards your passion.